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Pioneer Blu-ray BDP- LX58 player : Complete Overview

Pioneer announces in this fall 2014 arrival of a new Blu -ray Disc player that will replace the BDP- LX55 .
It is one of the first players on the market to feature HDMI 2.0 . We note in fact the presence of two HDMI outputs to separate audio and video. Both ports support support for 4K videos. The BDP- LX58 is also equipped with a chip Marvell Qdeo Kyoto G2H allowing 4K upscaling to 1080p and up to 60 frames per second. We also note the presence of an ESS Sabre DAC with analog 2.0 output quality.

Beyond these initial features, the BDP- LX58 supports reading Blu -ray , Blu -ray 3D , DVD , CD, SA- CD , DSD files ( DSF and DSDIFF ) , FLAC , AIFF and WAV until 192 khz . Many video formats are supported by this player both via USB or DLNA like MKV , TS, M2TS, AVI, or DivX Plus HD .

In terms of connectivity, note the presence of a coaxial output , stereo RCA analog output , RCA output zero signal. We also note the presence of two USB ports, an Ethernet port and a RS- 232 .

This new model is announced in France for the month of October and costs range from 699 euros.

Main technical characteristics:

- Blu- ray compatibility , 3D Blu-ray , SA- CD , DVD -Audio , CD, HDCD and
- Rigid frame vibration
- Marvell QDEO associated with a Pioneer video processing
- 4K Ultra HD Upscaling 60Hz
- ESS Sabre DAC 192KHz
- Two HDMI 2.0 ports / Pure Audio Mode
- USB and DLNA
- Outputs : Composite, Coaxial, Optical, RCA 2.0 , RS- 232 , 2 x USB , Ethernet port