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convert m2ts to avi, mp4, mov, m4v, divx, mkv, HD videos, 3D m2ts supported.
convert Blu-ray BDMV & BDAV M2TS video format.
convert AVCHD camcorder recorded mts then PMP resorted .m2ts format.
support directly import source m2ts files from SD/SDHC/SXS card.
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100% compatible with os x Mavericks and support convert M2TS to HD AVI, HD MPEG-2 (.m2t) that can be directly edited in Sony Vegas, Premiere PRO, FCPX and other video editor software.
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.m2ts is a video container which has been widely used by camcorders stream media storage and Blu-ray disc. As a video container, it has 3 different types of video compression formats: H.262/MPEG-2 Part 2, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC and SMPTE VC-1. H.262/MPEG-2 compression standard is usually used in Blu-ray disc which can be seen in some BDAV structured Blu-ray disc containing m2ts in BDMV folder. H.264/MPEG-4 is a mandatory compression standard which is used in AVCHD camcorder stream video recording, and the m2ts format is often seen in the form of .mts (m2ts and mts are the same video container in fact). General m2ts converter can only convert partial compression encoded .m2ts. Yet our m2ts converter is the only software that can convert all the 3 compressed m2ts video format. what's more, our m2ts converter has both windows version and mac os x version for downloading, which ensure users with different os system enable use our m2ts converter.

With The free M2TS converter, there is no need to pull .m2ts off BDMV or AVCHD folder, it can automatically target the m2ts files you want to convert to. in this sense, you can use m2ts converter as an avchd converter and Blu-ray ripper software.

M2TS and Editing

Although Apple and Quicktime say that Final Cut Express 4.0 adds support for M2TS files, there are still M2TS camcorder users complaining the inaccessibility of FCE, especially when they try to import m2ts files into FCE. Another bad news is that FCE supports the import of M2TS only on Intel Mac, for others that use PowerPC Mac will have no possibility at all to use FCE to edit their AVCHD footage. So how to import M2TS to Final Cut Express for editing? Why not try to convert M2TS to an easy format like mov or mp4 while you can also edit it?

This Free M2TS tool is not only a HD(including AVCHD) video converter that helps you to import m2ts into Final Cut Express, but it is also a powerful editing program that enables you to crop, trim, add video effect, merge files. You can also adjust video resolution, bit rate, frame so that can meet different of project need. So, if you have an M2TS camcorder that having problem with importing AVCHD footage into FCE.

What is M2TS Stream, AVCHD, MTS, BDAV, TOD and MOD?

According to the information of Blu-ray Disc Association, BDAV (Blu-ray Disc Audio/Visual) is equal to MPEG-2 transport stream; JVC: TOD(an abbreviation for "Transport stream on disc") when used in HDD-based camcorders; Canon:MOD( an abbreviation for "MPEG transport stream on disc") when used in HDD-based camcorders; M2TS transport stream is also used for recording HDV video (onto tape and onto file‐based media),and for AVCHD video files, which often have MTS; extension. Filename extension .m2ts is used on Blu-ray Disc Video for files which contain BDAV MPEG-2 transport stream. Now supported M2TS Player: KMPLAYER, VLV MEDIA Player, etc.; Blu-ray Disc Video titles authored with menu support are in the BDMV (Blu-ray Disc Movie) format and contain audio, video, and other streams in BDAV container, which is based on the MPEG-2 transport stream format.

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